What is Picture Properties?
Picture Properties, Inc. is the only real estate broker in New York City specializing exclusively in Section 8 rentals. As a result we are able to provide expert assistance to both landlords and tenants.

What is Section 8?
Section 8 is a federal program that subsidizes the rent of low income people. For more information about this program refer to the HUD web site at http://portal.hud.gov/portal/page/portal/HUD/topics/housing_choice_voucher_program_section_8

Can you help me get Section 8?
No. All we can do is help you get an apartment after you have become certified for Section 8. Once you have received your Section 8 Voucher, then we can help you.

Can you help me get an apartment?
We work with owners of more than 1,000 buildings all over the city. We have a large database of property owners looking for suitable Section 8 tenants for their buildings. Although we cannot guarantee we can find an apartment for every tenant, in many cases we are able to offer tenants a selection of apartments.

How much is this going to cost me?
In almost all cases the answer is nothing. Picture Properties does not charge an application fee, although some property owners will charge a modest fee for a credit report. In some limited cases Section 8 will pay the broker's fee, in almost all other cases Public Assistance will pay it. In addition, in many circumstances Public Assistance will pay the security deposit and your moving expenses even if you are not on Public Assistance. We can help determine whether you are eligible for these benefits from Public Assistance.

How do I get an apartment?
The first step is to become registered in our Tenant Database. To begin, call the office and leave a message on our voice mail system. Speak slowly and clearly. Answer all questions carefully. Your call will be returned and you will be interviewed on the phone. After the interview you will be sent an application. Filing this application is how you become registered in the Tenant Database

How long does this take?
If you found the apartment of your dreams tomorrow morning it would still take more than 30 days since that is how long it takes Section 8 to process the paperwork. The fastest path is to follow directions. There are no short cuts.

Can I come to the office to file the application?
No. All applications are mailed, faxed or emailed.

Does filing an application obligate me to rent an apartment from you?
No. You are not obligated in any way
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